Hey all

This is all about the people that inspired me and made me think the way I do.  I watch a lot of films and television which helps push my style.  I do love images that look like they are in a dream state that might be why I picked for my Uni’s final project Alice in Wonderland, or as I called it Alice in London.  It was called that as all the places used where all in London.  This was from Greenwich park to a set-up at home for the bottle and roses.  I would like to update this style with modern clothes and what I have learnt since this was least done.

I do feel like Gregory Crewdson helped me with some ideas.  As he can tell a story without too much of a narrative.  He dose take over whole streets and film sets for his shoots he also takes loads of shoots then putts them together in one images like below.  He helped me by trying to tell a story in one shoot but I thought It might be better to do it.

I do also love Irving Penn and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.  These two photographers both use large format cameras and what they do are the same as they both work as portrait artists and do some amazing fashion photography as well.  They have both worked with one sauce of light.  Penn used light as when he was shooting there was not much use for flash, as you can seeing in the work below.

As where Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is a modern photographer that uses flash light and looks at different people which I will go thought in more depth for each photographer.  I have just said so I can show what they have done and in more depth as well.

I hope you all like what you have done as I hope to do more in the near future.

Cheers Joe

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I am dyslexic.

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