Hey all

This set of informative blogs is here to give tips on retouching and photography.  This will look at all aspects of these areas as there are places we can go.  I have been in this industry for 7 years now.  I will look at everything that you can do in sets from basic information for retouching in Photoshop to Lightroom, to how to get a portfolio you are looking for.  I will look at a lot of different things within these areas.  So you can see the how to get looks you went.  I will do the same on photos and how to get some great images.

These are the areas that I will be looking at in Retouching and Photography these are just small lists of future blogs in these areas.

Retouching: –
  • Basic
    • Tools
    • Adjustments
    • filters
  • Skin Retouching
    • Healing
    • Dodge and Burn
  • Layers
  • Raw images
  • Different types of files
Photography: –
  • Locations
    • Finding
    • Shooting
  • Ideas
  • Setting shoots
  • Studios
    • Lighting Layout
    • Model poses
    • Styles
    • Makeup
    • Camera Settings
  • Gray cards
  • Lightroom

There are many more areas I will be looking within these fields of retouch and photography.

I do hope this will help you out as it doses to me.

Cheers Joe.

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I am dyslexic.

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