Hello to one and all

These are some of my favourite photos that I have ever taken to date.  As they are cool and have something different about them.  I would love to get some different looks but in the same place.  As most of these are portrait’s and some fashion I do hope I can be adding to the list of images that I love, as I hope to improve my style and look.


As you can see the skirt is flying out which is all done by the wind which I love.  I would love to do this sort of shoot again with movement.  I love this place as it is Richmond park, and you can see across London from where I took this from there is more to this set just this is the coolest one out of this set.

These were done in central London by the river it is one of my favourite places to shoot as there is so many locations that I use are close by and it is easy for all to get to.

This is a model Jada Sezer who is amazing and I loved working with her as this was the second time I did a shoot the first was with SEJ Clothing.  She is a plus size model that is a very hard worker within the industry.

This was the first time I did a studio shoot in a very long time I love the lighting and how the photos look.  I also Love the dark and bright colours that are on the black background shots.  I also hope on doing more studio work over time.

I do hope you like these images as I hope to put up more images as I go along from now on.

Cheers Joe

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I am dyslexic.

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