Hey all

This is a hard one to write as we all start in different areas and places within photography.  The way I started, I was on holiday in Australia taking some photos of people surfing and someone said they were good shots so I just started there.  I then went to Uni to study photography and that is where I started to learn how to actual take some great photos and then loved doing model and product photography.  I mainly love the way light falls on to the subject that you are shooting.


There are many types of photography that you can lead to places.  As photography is a big area to cover I mainly will be looking at model and stills with a bit of landscape in there as well.  The best places to look if you are starting out would be a model and photographer sites where you can connect to each over.  This is how I started working with some amazing people.  I am personal always looking at boosting my portfolio as I know I can do better.  The areas that you might need to look into if you like to start out are: –

  • Fashion
  • Portraits
  • Stills
  • Weddings
  • Landscape

Within these subjects you have more areas that you can work in.  It took me a while to find where I found my style.  I do admit that I love to have a conceptual style to all my work as I like to be a bit odd and love to have a relaxed style in the way I shoot.  All I can say on top of this is just find your own style and what you love shooting.

Also, read a lot of websites and videos.  As I am not going into fully details on how a camera works.  The way I think about it is the same as your eyes

  • The Lens is there to sort out the amount of light going into your sense or film.  As well as the depth of field.
  • The ISO is how sensitive of your retina, this is also known as the speed of the film.
  • The shutter speed is how much light is being sent to the sense as a mechanism is moving  up and down.
  • This is so there is a small or big window where the sense can see what is being shot.

I do hope this helps out a bit.

Cheers Joe

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I am dyslexic.

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