Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is a portrait and filmmaker that shoot in New York and works with 11 x 14 film camera as well as doing the odd 22 x 24 Poloriad shot.  They way he works is that he talks to his subject first and gets to know them so he gets a sense of how they are.  He has done some amazing projects that I have only seen on-line but would like to see them in person.  That is said most of the time his work is shown in the US.  He has quite a few projects that I will be going though which are:

  • XXX: 30 Pornstar Portraits
  • The Latino List
  • The Black List
  • The Out List
  • The Boomer List

I will go through each project as they are all about different subjects.

XXX: 30 Porn-stars Portraits are all about the porn industry and how people see them as there are two photos for each porn actor.  There is a lot of them as you can see above as I am only showing safe images and not the nude shoots.  How he has done it is they poses the same way twice.  One was where they are clothed and the other they show off their best assets or what makes them their money.  He uses the same light for all the shoots for each person as well as the poses.  These were all printed and shown at 38 x 88 inches in size side by side.

The black List and The Latino List are the same ideas just follows different races. Saying that this goes with The Out List as well.  Where we get to know the person who has just been shot are indulgently in their race or how they are.  There is more information in the book on their life and how they become the top in their area.  there is more than one book for The Black List and The Latino List.  As each one has storeys of 25 influentially people and photos in there those books.  As above The Latino List is above and The Black List and The Out List are below.

The Black List

The Out List as you can see it covers all the same places as The Black List.  As this mainly covers all the LGBT areas of famous and on top of the areas of their life’s.

Like all the over project Greenfield-Senders does this is all about people at the top of the their game but unlike them, this is all about the baby boomers and the fact they are turning 50 the year this was done.  This book is called The Boomers List.

As you can see Timothy Greenfield-Senders has a look for the way he works are the same for anything he doses which is shooting with one big light to one side and then get what the subject to say a lot about them, and not the photographer.

Cheers Joe

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I am dyslexic.

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