Hey all

As this is a big subject in the UK at the moment (by the way I am not a political person).  This is why I voted to leave the EU.  I know some people will be saying that I am wrong but I know this will make us great again.  The best reasoning is in this video here.  This is an MEP called Daniel Hannan and says why he is a part of Brexit (I hate this word if you can not tell so I will call it that I will be calling all these leaves for this blog).  I have seen the video a few times and think this spot on in the way I think.  as we can make more money in the long run, not straight out as people are complaining about the pound dropping but it will come back and we can trade with more country  also, there is another country that what’s to leave and there remain campaign is saying the same things our one did, as I believe that the EU has said what they should say.  I thought the campaigns they did were full of rubbish and had a look more in depth at what would really happen if we had left.


My thoughts about how the campaign that was done by UKIP and why they and any other party’s like them that will never come to power is that this country is too diverse and different to have narrowminded people like these to run such a country as this.  To me what they put out in the campaign is full of rubbish, as they take the word of politicians to the extreme.  I admit they are a funny set of people to watch as they say dumb things but they are always going to fall back on what they have said and what they would do.  After the elections least year Nigel Farage handed his notice in and it came back to him with his own signature saying that is not leaving the party.  As you can see in the poster above you can see Farage showing it off but it is the most aversive thing I have ever seen.  I am not on the right wing at all.

I can see that we will struggle and have some hard times as ahead but in the long run, we will be better off.  Yes, I know there will job losses.  We might lose Scotland and northern Ireland but that is down to them and not us.  I am happy eighter way,  as we as a nation are stronger together than apart.  If you watch this video here you can see what it is like in Sweden and the fact they have some of the biggest companies and lowest unemployment rate in Europe and they are not a part of the EU.  So I can see a future where we are not apart of the EU.

We can also get our public services back to the way they should be and that is the best in the world and not what they are like with hospital closing or parts close as we have to part with around £8billion a year to be in the EU.  Even some of this will cut out closures and privatise of them as well.

These are my thoughts so please do not be hard on me.


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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