Hey all

This will be all about the cycling that I do.  I love this sport more than others as I can do this when I like.  I have built one bike that I use to use to go to work in Candem London.  when I use to cycling through London to and from work took me about a month to be able to this day in day out.  This helped me lose weight which was around 3 stone in about 4 months.  The only problem was I put in back on a few months after I stopped as the weather was just too bad.  So I am trying not to let this happen again.  Which means I will be trying to lose weight and get better at cycling.

I am planning on making a second bike.  which I will talk about on here as I have not made a full suspension bike before.  In fact, I have not owned one of these before and I have always wanted one I hope to do more cycling off-road as well as on-road and some cyclocross as well.  I am planning too late you in on the journey that I will be making when I am cycling in different places all over the UK. There will be bits on how the bikes are handling and holding up.  I say this as I have a habit of backing parts off my bike.

So far this year I have just done a few miles around my house and not done much another summer as I do like colder weather.  I do try a cycle every day as I am using this to lose weight as well as get fit.


I know I talk in imperial as that is the why I was brought I will try and talk in kilogrammes and kilometers but I understand miles and stone better.   I also do all my own servicing on my bike.

What I will be doing is taking photos as well as video with my Go-Pro on the front of my bike.  I also hope to get a few more for different views.  I will be taking shots of the routes as well as the landscape.  I will also speed up the video so they are not that long as I can ride for hours on my bike.  I will be putting up my times with my Germin 810 which will put links on youtube and on my weekly round up on here if I have not done a big ride in a different area.


On my next ride, I do I will take one of my DSLRs with and use that instead of my phone camera as it is a better quality.


Hope you like what I have done.


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P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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