Hey all

This week will be a bit different as I will be doing a lot of things around the house.  This is due to the fact that I am moving soon. so these are taking other riding and shooting.  I have a few projects with amazing people on the go but I will go through them soon with you.  I did not weight myself till Wednesday but I have lost 2bls and I think I can lose more soon.

Monday and Tuesday

I have not gone for a ride as I need to help out and tidy up for a home as there are a few people I am meeting.  This is a pain as I need to get riding.  Also, I have videos that I would love to share just I am working out what software to use. As there is a lot of movement in the camera and I am not a fan of it.

Wednesday Ride

I had a great cycle today and would love to do another just I am a not a fan of hot weather. On the ride itself, I had a car slowing pulling out on me from around the corner which was a pain and you will see it in the video which I am editing at the moment.  There was a surprising thing when I was riding when I saw a dog walk itself.  No, I am not joking there was a dog crossing the road and it turns out that this dog belongs to someone that lives around the corner.  I have some of it on my go-pro as the dog was nearly run over by a van.  I also if you see in the video that I did some cyclocross as well.

Click here for the video

Thursday RideScreenshot_20160915-112334.png

I went back to Greenwich today it was good but my foot did start
hurting on the way back so I did a few fewer miles instead.  Other all it was a good easy ride need to push hard though so I can lose more weight.  It also helps that cycling fast is also fun.

The video I am doing for this ride will be very short as I am only going to do 10mintes of the whole ride.  Click here for the video.

Friday Ride

As I woke up late today I thought it might be best not to cycle. It has nothing to do with the bad weather we have had at all.  I do try and cycle all the time Just sometimes my head is not with it.  When I can I also need to sort out some lights for my bike as I will be soon riding when it is dark which I need to do soon.

Saturday Ride
Morning ridebikeride-01015-09-16

I thought I put my Garmin on and it turns I had not so I have not got any states for this ride sorry.  I was a good ride even thought I took a wrong turn as which put me on a hill which I am going to ride again as it might be a good route to do when I am not in the mood to do a straight 20-mile ride.

Afternoon ridescreenshot_20160917-174145

I had a good second ride for the day.  All things work and I have a new go-pro as I have a few big projects that are coming up in the next few months.  I just love jumping on my bike as I can destress or just relax when I am riding.  Also, I am thinking of doing my first big next  week just need to work out a route and then what to take.

It has been an overcast day all day today so I have wrapped myself up a bit for it.  This is the video for the whole day ride and the new hill I will be riding.  Click here for the video.


This is my day to chill out and not ride.

I have just had a look online for a cool quote as I feel that there should always have something to inspire you to push hard to get fit and have a great time in do so.  The quote for today is “It never gets easier, you just go faster.”Greg LeMond.  With all the riding that I have done, I do feel this is trying as you start to lose weight and your legs will keep moving faster and faster.

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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