Hey all

I am waking early every day for my ride this week and from know on.  I am planning to get up at 6am so I can leave for 6:30.

Monday Ridescreenshot_20160919-090037

I got up at 6:30 this morning and did my ride which was great as it has know freed up my mornings more.  I also saw an amazing sunrise on my ride I just hope I can show you.  I did, however, went to be in Blackheath for the sunrise but I woke up later than I wanted to do.

Click here for the video.


Tuesday Ridescreenshot_20160920-084310

I did get up at 6am this morning and it was overcast but I did do a massive loop of 21miles.  I just love how it felt.  I did, however, wind a driver up bu you should not really do that.  as you never know how they might act.

Click here for the video.GOPR0006.jpg

Wednesday RideScreenshot_20160921-095359.png

This is the first time I rode without my DSLR camera and wished that I had bought it.  As there was a stunning view of the sunrise as I hope I have caught it on my Go-Pro and phone camera.  I love how it looked as you travel out the park.  The fact that I got the odd look as I was shooting some images as they went off to work which was a bit odd.

Click here for the video.


Thursday RideScreenshot_20160922-090655.png

This was another good ride for the day.  I did take my DSLR for any great sunrise like yesterday.  I did enjoy the ride as it is always great to get outside and have fun.  One of the things I am doing today is setting up for a big ride tomorrow by setting a route and sorting my bag out, as this is going to be pushing my body and limits as I am hoping to mix up a road and off-road.

Click here for the video.


Friday RideScreenshot_20160924-140715.png

I am on a cycling adventure today to Higham.  It has started well as the train is cancelled and I have to wait for the next train to Higham.  But at least it is a stunning day for a ride.  If the next one is cancelled as well I will go a different route for quite a few hours as I am really looking forward to this cycle and see where it will lead me.  This is the biggest ride I have ever done so I am hoping it will go well for me.

bike ride-005(23-09-16).jpg

Well that was an interesting ride.  I started out think I was doing 42miles and then when I started I did not know I was going to hit a lot of problems. The miles I did was mainly off the road as I thought I would be on the road all the time.  I had step sections and some rough.  I all so had some sand and parts unknown to me mind you that is the whole point of these rides. As I was cycling I thought my go-pro was on but it was not,  I do wish it was as the small hills I took were fun to ride down as well as the sand.  The landscape as well was amazing.  What I saw made me laugh as there was a group of the horse on a small hill, a small amount of a shipwreck and a part burnt out a car.  I would to have loved and got this but I did not.

bike ride-007(23-09-16).jpg

I have got a few photos though not as mean as I could have done.  But to me the fact that I pushed myself and took myself out of my comfort zone was a great thing and would love to do more of these sort of rides but more planned.  There are a lot of things I took for granted and need to improve for next time.  This was a great ride still but I wish I had planned it better.

bike ride-003(23-09-16).jpg

These are the only photos I took on the whole ride.  Which is quite a bad?

Quote of the week:

“The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it” – Doug Bradbury

The odd thing is this how I have felt about some rides when I am not feeling great.  This is something I have to look at when planning rides and try and work out a great ride and trips for the future ride.

Saturday and Sunday

There is a lot of people that say you need to take a rest day from the day so I thought to screw it I will do it for the next to days as I have done around 90 miles this week.  which is not a lot but for only been cycling around a month this is a big week.  I do hope to start doing 120 miles a week.

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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  1. Well done, Joe. This is truly inspiring – both the rides and the comments. Keep it up, and enjoy the roads and countryside at their best – early in the day!

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