Hey all

Well, the morning has started well I have missed my train that I needed to be there for 10 so it looks like I will be there around 11 instead.  The weather looks OK for this sort of ride as the rain will not happen till I am in Ramsgate as I hope to take some amazing landscape’s which I will be showing later on in this blog.  I do hope it goes better than least time.  Which I am still disappointed with as this one is more planned.   This journey was fun as I had to wait for a train in one place got on it and had another change.  I did get there around 10:38 and started my ride soon after


The big thing about this ride was the rain that was coming in.  I was hoping to have got most of the way around the route before the rain came but that did not happen as I was caught up in it which I will show in the video.  I also climbed some stairs with the bike on my shoulder which is down to the route I picked.  There are some amazing scenes and looks that I got from my GoPro.


Some of the time I was on a good path, but at other times I was on dirt, gravel, and really rough concrete which pushing my bike hard.  There was a very big section of about 2-3 miles of open-sided areas, this is with the sea on one side and fields on the other.  I had to sort my front derailer out as it was not going into top gear, thought this section.  I also climbed up a cobbled stone hill which was stoking wet when I got there as this was when the rain hit me the hardest.

The biggest thing that happened was my Garmin turned off a few times and I lost some information off the device.  So the ride looks short then it was.  I have also recreated an image I did for a uni project.  I really like it as it shows my cyclocross bike off.

All these things will be shown in the video.  So please click here for the video.


I hope you enjoyed this, as I have.


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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