Hey all

I am planning on riding again another 120 miles. As I am hoping the at this will start getting easier as I will be pushing myself all the time and hopefully lose weight.

Monday Ridescreenshot_20161003-150446

Well on this ride I could not believe how smoggy London looked as there was the amazing sky above the gray cloud that hung over London.  As to me, there was a distinct line between the two.  I hope to show this as this is not a great thing to see.  I love looking over London on my rides.  I love riding but seeing this is not great.

Click here for the video


Tuesday RideScreenshot_20161004-150008.png

This week I have started to change where the GoPro is mounted.  This is quite a lot better for the shakes as it has a lot less.  I do love cycling and thought about changing my route as my feet are starting to hurt in these shoes and looking forward to my new ones that are coming soon.  I did push myself which you should always do as this will get you fitter and stronger.  Also as the mounting place has moved you can know hear my breathing which can be very strong and not what it should be, as I am getting fitter.

Click here for the video


Wednesday RideScreenshot_20161005-152905.png

I love the ride today had quite a bit of pain today as I was cycling but I did love the ride.  I think the cold weather was playing up on my old injury and I just need to keep an eye on them.  The other thing about this ride is I had the sun in my eyes to start off with as there were not many clouds.  It was a bit of a pain to see where I am going but overall it was a great ride and what you like to get out of a ride this time of year.  As you see with the photo the sun is very bright.

Click here for the video


Thursday RideScreenshot_20161006-120847.png

I was not really in the mood to ride today as I started to use my new shoes.  Which were tight but I am seeing if I can stretch them out, but they are very nice to use and I love how hot they are on a cold day.  I actual only had some pain in my knees and none in my ankle. I do love the new view as well.  I am looking into getting some shoe stretchers as I need to make more room in the little toe area.  I did like the overcast sky that was about me today.

Click here for the Video.

GP030020 copy.jpg

Friday Ride

I have been really busy today doing odd and sod’s,  which has not given me time to go riding I know this seem’s bed but not having the time for a ride is not great.

Saturday Ride

I have not had a ride today as I have been sorting a few things out.  This is not a great thing.

Sunday Thought

As I have not been on my bike for the least few days I will need to push myself next week as this is not a great thing.


“The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it” – Doug Bradbury

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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