Hey all

I had a free day to do something and did no what to do so I thought I would just go for a wonder.  I just love how the day was as it was cloudy and overcast with the sun coming through them.   I also love the reflection in the Thames, from the oversize.

I started the walk from Cannon Street Station and made my way down to the river.  I have done this walk many a time and am hoping to do it more.  I do love the Thames and how it changes throughout the day and the things on and around the river from the RLNI and bars of all sharp and sizes.  The one thing that I also love about the walk as I went up to Vauxhall Bridge and then back the other side to waterloo station, as I stayed on the north side of the river.

A few years ago I loved to do a shoot with a set of stairs that did not look amazing and tidy but to me, they were stunning.  Which makes this bad as it all changed to these white boring set then a stunning overgrow set of steps.  On the over side of the bridge, there is a really cool set of pillars and boats that are set into the pavements as seats.  I am thinking about doing a video shot there as well as clothing but I am thinking about the style.

I am thinking about doing one of my thought these areas as there is a bike only area’s and there is also over areas I would love to ride to, but these are future rides once my bike is all sorted out.  I do have to say there was a lot of runners going past me at the time I was walking around.

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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