Hey all

I know this looks like a big jump just I have been servicing my bike for a few weeks as I thought it might take that long to get done.

Thursday ride (27-10-16)

This was a good ride not long but long another to find some problems with the bike that needs sorting out as it has just had a big overhaul.  everything feels and works great I have a new seat and handlebars on there as well as cables and cable housing.  This was so it can feel like a new bike which it doses.

Click here for the video


Friday and Saturday Ride (28-10-16 – 29-10-16)

I was trying to fix my bike on Friday as I need to replace the bottom bracket, but it the bracket was on their way too tight and could not move it so I took it to my local bike shop.  Which is replacing it and I asked if they can look at the head tube as well as there is some wobbling in the forks.

Sunday Thought

There is not much to think about then how unfit I am.

Monday Ride (31-10-16)

I did a very small ride today and it was nothing special as I was testing and feeling how my bike is at the moment which will go on tomorrows ride as well.

Tuesday Ride (1-11-16)Screenshot_20161101-182754.png

I loved this ride Just I have lost all my fitness and need to build it back up again.  But I just love how spooky it looks with the fog and I would love to do more rides like this but thought the woods, also I would love to do some mountain biking thought there as well.

Click here for the video


Wednesday Ride (2-11-16)

I got up a bit late and thought I would leave the ride for another day as I am taking up DDP Yoga.

Thursday Ride (3-11-16)Screenshot_20161103-103648.png

Today’s ride was good and I am hoping to get fit like I said a few days ago.  I am looking forward to getting into DDP Yoga as this will help out with my flexibility and my pain that I get in my knees and back.  As it is starting to get colder I thought I would start wrapping myself up more.

Click here for the video.


Friday Ride (4-11-16)Screenshot_20161104-104109.png

Today’s ride was cut short as I was planning 0n a shoot for a few hours and the model was not getting in contact with me so I had to call it off wich is a pain.  So I just did a small shopping trip[ instead as I have some hiking shoes know so I might be doing some amazing walks around this amazing country.

Click here for the video.


Saturday Ride (5-11-16)

I was way too busy ion the morning to go for a ride and playing a game on my Xbox took a lot of time up and since I got the DDP Yoga DVD’s yesterday I thought I would so some of that which I have and saw how bendy I really am.  I do think this is going to help out a lot as there is a lot of it and will get me fitter and stronger as well.

Sunday Thought (6-11-16)

As I am going to be doing yoga as well as cycling every day I thought I would put a lot of strength as well as core work into what I am going to be doing.  As I will be doing yoga every day to start with I will do this for a few weeks then start doing it when I am not cycling as the weather closes in twice a day.  But if I am riding I will only do it once and will have a day off on Sundays as per normal as my tolerance gets stronger and have to push myself harder all the time.


“My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.” – Micheal Jordan
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/push.html

I think this does some me up the same as well.  As I see it something I am not good at I will work on till I am like push ups. that is going to be a focus of mine and I will do my best to get better at them.


Thanks for reading


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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