Hey all


I did not do much as I was out on a shoot for about 4 hours on my feet doing a lot of walking and traveling.  It was a good shoot and looking forward to working on the images and video, in the near future.


I have not gone riding as I am not feeling that great but after doing some DDP Yoga I love how it has made me feel it has not pushed me too hard but I plan on pushing myself harder and will do few more today,  which I hope will push me harder each time as I will be doing different workouts.

Just done the next workout and I am just getting used to the system.  I know people might say it is too much but I know I need it.  I am doing at least one more and I might do another before I go to bed but I am just working that one out.  I am however going to be cycling tomorrow as that also burns a few 1000 calories per hour I am on my bike so I hope to do that and more yoga like this for the next few months and beyond.  To me, this is needed and this makes me feel great afterward and the more I do it the more amazing I will feel.

As I have to know done my 3rd workout I feel really good but I do know it was a hard day and will be getting hard over the next weeks as I get better and better at the moves.  But that is the way of things.

Right I woke up this morning and it was raining so I thought I might just do some yoga but right know I have a painful ankle so I will not do as much as I did yesterday and I will do it all in one go to get a good work out.  As I have been doing things on around the house my ankle is hurting really bad, so I think it is better not to walk on it.
I did some yoga today even though my ankles are killing me.  Some of it did not hurt as much as walking on my foot does.  Also, it makes it feel nice and chilled for a bit.
Thursday Ride

I did go cycling today but my GPS was not working right to start with.  Which made it says I did small distance than what I really did, in the end, I think I rode about 10 miles and not the 6 it says as it started half way through.  I will be doing the DDP Yoga at some point today and will give my back massage with a roller I just got as I do get bad backs all the time.  I have just done my DDP Yoga for the day and I feel good.

Click here for the video.


Friday Ride

I have woke up late today and am not really in a riding mood I need to start getting into that mood again.  So today I am doing DDP Yoga twice and getting my heart rate up as well.  I have done 2 hard DDP Yoga sets to make an hour of working out in total.  I got all hot a sweaty and loved it.

Saturday Ride

I lost track of time on today as I was up late and had a lot to do around the house.


This is my day to chill out and not ride.


“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days” – Unknown

I think this is too true Being on a bike is an amazing feeling I know I have not done it much this week but I do love being on it.

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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