Hey all


Well, My day started great I am feeling ill.  So I am just having an easy day I have done some DDPYoga to open up my breathing and chilling for most of the day as I am not going to push too hard on myself.  I thought I would try to do another today but it turns out I forgot to do it.

Tuesday Ride

As of yet, I have not done any Yoga or riding as I woke up with a massive cold.  I think I am other it know but I need to do some soon.  I did some DDPYoga before bed and it felt good.

Wednesday Ride

I have not done any today but i plan on doing an hour tonight after tea.  I also am planning on a big ride tomorrow for a few hours as I do miss my bike.

Thursday RideScreenshot_20161117-174205.png

Well, I went for a small ride today of about 30miles.  I did it into parts one of about 23 miles the other about 6.  It was amazing to do the only shame was that I forgot my go-pro battery and it dead as I was going through some woods close by.  I have to sort it all out in a bit.  It was cold and a bit wet but I still loved it.  The only thing that let me down was my back my legs were fine and I felt amazing. Screenshot_20161117-174137.png

I am planning on going to the area where there are leaves on the floor and I think it looks amazing, but I need to make sure my go-pro is fully charged.  There was an amazing sky thought the ride as it was meant to rain.

Click here for the Video.

Friday Ride

Well, I forgot to do any rides today as I was busy sorting out a fashion video I did the least week I need to finish it soon.  I am planning on doing some yoga tomorrow.

Saturday ride

I have just done my workout and it was good as I did my own thing when working out and doing the DDPyoga it makes me feel happy and chilled out afterwards.  I do feel some amazing things within my body, and how it is changing and losing as well as making me stinger.  there is something about doing this is amazing.  I need to start pushing the lengths of the work out’s.

Sunday Thought

This is my day to chill out and not ride.


“The bicycle is the noblest invention of mankind.”

William Saroyan, Nobel prize winner

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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