Hey all

Will be trying to cycle every day this week.

Monday RideScreen Shot 2016-12-12 at 15.31.24.png

I have not started well but I am going to do my DDPYoga later.  This is not how I planned it and I woke up late so this is not a great start to the week.  I did go for a ride in the end, and it was amazing.  This was a cold and chilly day.  I still need to pick my speed up and get fitter.

Click here for the video.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 23.10.23.png

Tuesday Ride

I have worked up really late and am a bit behind as well as not feeling that great.  I am know feeling better.  but I have been moving things around the house and sorting things out for Xmas which made me lose track of time.  So there has been no DDPY or cycling.  As for tomorrow, I will be going out for a ride for most the day.

Wednesday Ride

Just got back from a walk and that was really nice to do.  As there is a mist hanging over the land and since there is a lake there are some amazing landscapes worth shooting I did but it was on my phone camera and not on my DSLR.


For the ride itself, it was an amazing workout.  The weather did clear up today and turned into an amazing ride.  I did it in two parts and the first part was a fast uphill ride as I have said before I am not an uphill person.  Looking at the Go-Pro footage going through the trees and it makes the ride look amazing.

Click here for the video.

Germin1.pngThe next part was the hard section as I had not eaten since breakfast, and was on my bike for another 1:30 but that changed the speed as all I was thinking was about food.  I was all starting to hurt my arms as I think the bag I had on my back was killing out my arm.  There is no video to this but I have added some photos of my bike for you to enjoy.

Thursday Ride

Just got back from a dog walk and I love the landscapes that I took.  It looks the same as yesterday 0but I was using my good DSLR for this time.  So I am planning on working on them to sell.


I did a fast power walk today for about a mile but I need to do more than that so I am planning to do Some DDPY in a bit.

Saturday Ridescreen-shot-2016-12-17-at-13-08-16

It was a great ride today.  I love how all the cars and trees would appear out of no wear.  The fog was real thick and mystery of what is happing up front.

Click here for the video.


Sunday Thought

Well, it is the end of the week and it is time to see where things have taken us.  As I am seeing that I should be riding more than I really am and will do my best to ride more next week.  So that is my goal really no matter the weather.


“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F. Kennedy

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.


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