Hello, all and happy new year.

I do hope you all had an amazing Xmas and new year.  This is what I hope to get out off blogging over this coming year and the hopes I have for myself as well.  There are some great things that I would love to do.  I have not put all my goals on here as there are some private things I like to keep quite about as they might not happen this year.

1st and most important thing that is there is  I will do a hell of a lot more shots and create some amazing photos whether it is out on my bike, walking or doing a model shoot.  I do plan on creating more post’s doing this.

The 2nd thing that I would love to do is travel to some amazing woods. This is so I can see more of the UK and the world.  I am planning on getting a new mountain bike for my travels.  I do hope to record more rides on my Go-Pro.

The 3rd thing I would have to say is pushing myself out of my comfort zone and would love to see what I can really do with nothing holding me back.  There will be blogs on these adventures as well as some great trips.  When I get a mountain bike as I would love to do some cross country through woods as well as up and down hill.  I am not a big hill person and hate riding up them, but down them is a different thing.

The 4th would be a few small studio projects that I have in mind.  Which will mean some research that needs to be done as well as the shots of the project to be taken.  There are a few things that I would love to do.

The 5th thing is that I hope to grow this blog and to make it amazing.  I know I am dyslexic and I have to use a different app to use as spell check on my computer’s.

The 6th thing would be getting a studio but I am not rushing into it if this happens I would be really happy.  It might not pass as I need to find a good size space, as well as a good location.  If this happens I will be doing a hell of a lot more shoots but it is something that I have on my mind.

One of the biggest goals for this year is to get out and about more.  I love being outdoors and should really do it more.  I love the greenery and how it all looks other the place.  I also love seeing views from all different heights from hills just I am not a fan of going up them but like I said I am going to push myself and see where things take me.  as you never know what is round the corners.  What else I would love to is motorvate people to push them self’s as well.  I am not looking at getting famous, just I am looking at putting my thoughts down and how things are.

One thing I hope to do over time is my camera kit as I have a good amount know but would love to have a better one soon.

I would like to start doing biographies again once a month would be great as a photograph’s can help the shape the way you shot.  I will say what I like and hate about each person and there basic information about them.  Which I hope I can keep going through out this year.

These are my ideal goals I am setting myself this year, as I normal keep going at things not for long.  As with me, things fizzle out but I have been doing blogs for a year and would love to do more.

I hope this will be the great year.

Joe Gillbanks


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