Hey all

I am planning on going the on with cycling every day and I also plan on some big walks as well.  As I hope to do a big landscape section in London at night I am looking at going there around 4-5ish to get some rush hour mayhem as well as doing the river walk again and shoot there with amazing work.

Monday Ridescreen-shot-2017-01-02-at-11-18-46

I went for a ride today and it was very cold.  It took some time to hate up as I was cold all over.  I did warm up by the end of the day and felt good with how it was.  There was a lot or sun reflection on a road as it was wet.

Click here for the video.Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 11.49.04.png


I did a fashion shoot today and walked other 10000 steps.  I have not gone for a ride and just did the walk from Vauxhall to Charging-cross.  It really stretched out my legs.  It was a great shoot and loved it.


I did not ride today as I knew I have walked from Charing-cross to London bridge and back again.  I have done a blog just on this as it was mainly walking beside the river on a freezing cold day.  I loved it all it was an easy walk just a long one.  There is more in the blog for Monday.


I woke up late and had a lot to sort out as I am shooting a lot and could not find time to do anything.  Which is not ideal for someone that is trying to lose weight.


I am planning on doing some exercise today like DDPYoga and some other core things and I will get my blood pumping and will stretch out my body as well.


I am feeling sick and tired today and think it is best that I just stay home and chilled out.  I did not get much sleep but I am hoping to change all that.

Sunday Thought

My motivation this week has been very poor.  I am changing that by getting up early and riding as I might have some work for the whole of next week.  I do need to start riding more and helping me as I am cutting down the amount I eat.


“When it’s hurting you, that’s when you can make a difference” – Eddy Merckx

I hope you enjoyed this


P.S. Please excuse my spelling as I am dyslexic.

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