Hey all

thrusdaybikecomputerThis is an app review of which the company that has made it asked me to do.  They have all the information that a normal GPS computer.  Which is Speed, AVG Speed, Distance, Elevation, Heart rate and Elapsed time?  There is also a login to Strava and Facebook.  The one big thing about this app is the Keep Safe section where the app can send a text to a loved one so if you come off your bike it will send a text to them and they can contact you to check you are alright.  Within the text, there is a map link so they can find you and send help to where you are if it is needed.tusedaybikecomputer

The first time I have used this app it has not been that great.  I have been busy with Christmas and some work I have had not the time to go for a ride and I plan on doing more rides this week.

I have been working with this app for a while.  The good thing about this app is that there is a Keep me Safe key part where you can send a text to a loved one or close friend.  Which in my view it is a great thing just my photo does not have a great battery so I try not to have GPS, Bluetooth, and 4G all on at the same time.  As since I do hour long rides and the longer I think my phone will die before I get home on these rides.

So personal I am sticking with my Garmin as I know what it is like to use the computer and am set with it thought out rides and it works well the way I use the system.  But if you are looking for a free cycling app I will say get it and have fun with this app.

I hope this helps.

Joe Gillbanks

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