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These are Faberge Style Eggs or stone eggs.  There are quite a few and I will look to the history of them as well as put up some information about each one.  These are called Decorative Eggs, each one is below and would love to get more information on them just I have not found anywhere to get this stuff.  I have not shot the inside as I forgot all about it.

I have taken the writings off some of the cards that came with the eggs which included The Origin of Faberge Eggs and the History of the Faberge Eggs.  all the writing I have done about the eggs are from these cards that came with them as some did not have and I am missing an egg as I have a card but no egg.

The Origin of Faberge Eggs

Peter Carl Faberge was the Romanovs favorite jeweler.  In total, he created 42 of his priceless decorative eggs for Russia’s Imperial family. Czar Alexander III commissioned the first egg from Faberge in 1885.

What was good enough for the Romanovs was also good enough for some of the world’s richest aristocrats and business tycoons.  Faberge soon found his workshop overwhelmed with orders from magnates such as the Rothschilds and the Duchess of Marlborough – Winston Churchill’s grandmother!

It was only the Russian Revolution of 1917 that halted Faberge’s rise to more fame and fortune.  He died in exile in 1920.

History of the Faberge eggs

Imperial customers were not the only ones to request Faberge.  Alexander Ferdinandovitch Kelch, a multimillionaire, and Siberian oil tycoon ordered seven from the jeweler.

These eggs were created between 1898 and 1904.  Some were greatly inspired by eggs created for the Tsar.   So the ‘Hen egg’ designed for his wife is a copy of the imperial model. To differentiate them, Faberge created it in red enamel.

Prince Youssoupoff, which lived in the place in which Rasputin was assassinated in St. Petersburg, also ordered an egg, as did the Duchess of Marlborough. However, these customers were exceedingly rich, so, it goes without saying that not everyone could treat themselves to the treasures of this jewelry craftsman.

 Glacier Lake

The deep green of the Glacier Lake egg makes it particularly elegant.

Rimmed with brilliants, its upper side plays with light its sparkle dazzles.  Delicately set on its side, the Glacier Lake is a precious object begging the eye to linger, in order to pick up everything.

This is how we discover this golden line of ornamentation winding around its base.  One could almost imagine it originating in the frozen lakes at the top of the Andes.

This was one of the eggs I found easy to shoot as it was one color are not much different which you will see in a bit with other eggs.

Nest of Pearls

Crafted in pure white enamel, this decorative egg is designed to symbolize the purity of Czarina Maria, the much-loved mother of Czar Nicholes II.

The snow-white finish forms the perfect backdrop for the 90 cut crystals that elegantly encrust the egg’s surface.

And there’s a surprise inside, too. Open the egg and you’ll find a beautiful mother-of-pearl effect embellishing the interior.

This was a lot hard to do as there is a green ring around the top of the egg I was going to add the rind in a separate section on top but I have got it so you can see it with little retouching that was needed on this egg.


The Harlequin of The Czars is a flamboyant red.  It sits on its base which is delicately incrusted with pinkish pearls.

The base’s slightly bent feet give it a very particular foundation that lends a royal elegance to the egg.  This sentiment is further supported with the bright red and white checkers that are marked, at each intersection, by the presence of a pinkish pearl; adding a delicate touch to the ensemble.

Perfectly shaped, the Harlequin of The Czars appears to contain a treasure delicately hidden in its heart.

This is one of my fav eggs as the red is bright and stunning and just jumps out at you.  The gold is great as well as the white enamel.

Fire Cradle

Here we have the incandescent fire which offers all its light to this superb shimmering egg.  The deep red flames in the warm times of the fire draw the eye to this handsome work of the skies.

In order to perfect the dancing flame effect, golden arabesques encrusted with deep purple jewels enhance the feeling of the heat and energy emanating from this gleaming and glittering egg.

This egg is just jumping out at me as the purple gold and red just work so well with each other it is unreal.

Vanilla Sunset

Smoothness and harmony are combined in this exceptional egg.  The Vanilla Sunset egg sits on a base supported by three feet which seem to give in under the weight of this incredibly precious work.  This is lifted by spiraling ribbon studded in blue.

Each little gem set on this gold ribbon guides the eye to infinity. Its movement gives the Villa Sunset posture.

The smoothness of its surface renders the egg and elegant. Simple, yet delicate, the perfection of the vanilla Sunset is achieved through its fragility.

This is an amazing egg as the blue just shine with the glitter coming off the middle bit.  The only thing about this egg is that the egg was not smooth at all.

Gloden Garden

This little gem, with its deceptively simple design, conjures up a sunlit garden of beautifully blooming flowers set against a field of bright green grass.

Stretching their stems to meet the sun, these flowers seem to shimmer the ever-changing light, the mood they evoke shifting as the day moves from dawn through to dusk,  The finely-cut and multi-faceted jewel at the heart of each bloom captures the sun rays, reflecting them as sparkling beams of light and magical rainbows.

This is very striking one as the colors are just shining and make things look amazing.  also, this was the only egg that had a spoon with it.  I have looked into these eggs and they are all meant to have a small spoon but they do not have them.

The rest of the eggs I have

These eggs came as seen without any description of these eggs.  I will say what I think of them.  There is actual a lot more of these than I have as I have looked into it.

This was the first egg I shot and I think I have made the egg dance and bounce off the page even with all these dark colors in the background.

I do love how the color has bounced off this egg and the yellow of the stone just makes it look amazing.  The green and orange of the egg also help.

Same as the other red and white egg there is just jumping out at you and the egg is just perfect for this project.

This polish egg in stone looks amazing they are on salt.  As this does not have a stand I think it works well in this one and the one under the eggs.

This gold and enamel style of this egg is amazing and the gold is slightly matted looks gives the shine an amazing feel and look.

How I did it.

On these images, I was just using a flashlight for all the shots on the eggs.  As I had the camera on bulb mode, for the sensor to pick up the light.  This was so I can paint with the touch.  It did take some time to do this as there was quite a bit to capture.  I have added a Behind the Scenes shot under as it was a simple set up for lighting and background.  The way I worked it that all the eggs have a different light style as the touch is being used different ways from far away to close up.


I hope you enjoyed this section as I hope to do more projects like this in the future.

Joe Gillbanks

P.S. I am dyslexic so sorry for the grammar and spelling.

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