Gregory Crewdson is an amazing photographer as he sets up elaborate photos for a given theme.  There is a lot more to how he works.  As there are a lot of books that cover his projects as well as the images of his most famous style.  He is more directors his photos, which are more like films than photos, but first a little background on him.

History of Gregory Crewdson

He was born on 26th September 1962 in Park Slope part of Brooklyn, New York.  He went to  John Dewey High School where he graduated early.  Then he was in a punk band.  Then in 1980’s, he started work studying at SUNY Purchase,  near Port Chester NY.  This is where he got his Master’s of Fine Arts from Yale University.  He has taught at Sara Lawrence, Cooper Union, Vassar College and Yala University where he knows a professor and member of the faculty where he is teaching to this day.  There is a documentary about him called Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters.

Works he has done

I do have a book of his work as I love looking at this style of art.  I am not in any way like Crewdson, but I do love looking at his work as this is a great story telling device.  I have added a small amount of work to the below section as there is a lot of it.

  • Early Work
  • Natural Wonder
  • Hover
  • Twilight
  • Dream House
  • Beneath the Roses

With some of the projects, he has done some behind the scenes to the photos as this will show how some of the photos were made.

Early Work

You feel and think these are the candied one-off shots of family life but there is something that makes this felt staged and this is how he see’s things as they happen.  I feel that they are both as he might have seen it differently to the way things really is.

Natural Wonder

This is all staged with animals that have died and have been regenerated within these photos as they are possed the way Crewdson want them to look.  Which is in this series of photos is morbid and out there.


This is a Black and White set of shots that Crewdson has done.  To me, it feels more alien like than any other work he has done.  As these are more staged work with actors or people how live there were asked to stand still while Crewdson takes the shot that he need to complete this series.


To me this set of images more out there then the Hover set.  As you can see when Crewdson shot these he was looking at films more and not other photographers like you or I might.  As there is a story in each of them as well as an overall story.

Behind the Scenes

these are some of the many BHS shots that go on during Crewdson’s working.  There are millions or them as he has a lot of people on set at any one time.

Dream House

This is a more of a dream side to Crewdson work and would love to see more photos from this set of stage photos.  As he used some famous actors within some of these images.

Beneath the Roses

These are some amazing photos that I have seen.  I have not seen much of his work since but these speak to me in a way that the stories are just great to look at.

My thought’s on Crewdson

I love the storytelling that he has done for each of his photos and how they feel within the set.  Which makes you think he is saying a thousand words with his picture’s, as I love just looking at stunning photos.  which felt good.  This helps when you are telling a story as which I would like to do with re-doing a project in mind.  I just love his work and how things look as well as how the images feel and the stories within each set just talks.

I hope you like this as I hope to do more of this everyday month.

Joe Gillbanks

P.S. I am dyslexic so please excuse spelling.

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