The reason for this post is so people can look at it and learn on different types of shooting depending on what the final goal is.  If you are new to my blog’s I use to work as a retoucher for an e-company and which made me get quite stressed out most of the time with photographers how could not shoot the products to the style guide.  So I thought it was best that I part ways with the company.  So I started shooting again and got back into cycling in a big way.  With the subject in hand, there is a bit to go though finding models, mood boards, and location as well as what kit I use not everyone has my kit.


The way I find models is through and  I just put castings up on there as these sites link up models, stylist, MUA, Hairstylists, and many more people working in this industry.  It is an easier way to get your name out there with photographers and other creatives.  This is on top of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The one good thing about these castings is that all sort of people applies to them.  As you are looking for paid, time for print (TFP is what industry calls them) and paying.  Sometimes there are worthwhile jobs on there.  I have not looked into this as I am just getting my portfolio to a high standard.  Which I am nearly there doing it.

Mood board

I use Pinterest as a mood board which is great as you can just send links to other people how are a part of the shoot.  This is where put all the styling and look, hair, makeup, and possible locations.


This will come to what you are looking for in the final shots. The best idea is to go around and look for what you need as that is what I do with my work.  I have a thought or two where I have the location in mind, but this is all down to where you like to shot.  Mind you this is just for model shooting and not landscapes, or street photography.  As these are completely different areas to shoot in and you will use different kit on these.

As for landscapes, it is all about to where you go for a walk and chosen the route.  The best trick is to give the route you are going to a loved one and go from there, that is if you are going alone into the countryside but if you are in the city you should not have as much trouble.

Kit to take on the shoot

Well for starters I would work out what I would be shooting from models, landscapes, still’s, and street photography.  As these are done different ways and kits as well.  Which is what this is for as I will say what I do, as we all work differently.


With this I would look at the mood board and come up with a few lighting looks in my head before leaving or on the way there, but I would take my full kit with me so I can do what is needed for the shoot as things can change at the minute.  As I might think one thing will work and it turns out another would be better.


There is not much I would take as I would go shooting in different locations and would really only take both my lens, camera, some filleters and my tripod.  As I would be walking for ages and not know what I would like to get till I am there taking the shots.  This is one place where you can just enjoy nature and being outdoors.


This is mainly done in a studio where you have big lights over flash guns as the flashguns can run out of steam and just stop working which does happen a lot if you use them all the time.  Also, this is down to what you are shooting as most of the time you are indoors and will have the lights you have around you.

Street Photography

This is just mainly a camera and flashgun if needed for night shooting.  There is not much to street photography, or at least as I see it.


This is mainly retouching side of things.  As sometimes you might need to change within the photo.  This covers all the areas above, this also includes light, dark and removing or adding anything to the shot that is shown or not.  Mind you this is what retouching really is.  It is to get the image the way you went it.  Mind you I like to keep the photos as natural as possible.

Well, this is the way that I work for all my shots as it is easier to sort out if it gets broke down and planned out this way.  All so this is not in any order as I sometimes change it all around and work with the model and other people in the shoot.

I do hope this helps you out with your shoots.

Joe Gillbanks

P.S. I am dyslexic please do not worry about my spelling and grammar.

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