This is one of the best landscape photographers that is around and he has inspired so many people as well as myself to look at the world in a different light.  He has also taught, written books and changed people’s lives within his photos.  He also created some amazing technics for processing photos and how people can work in their darkroom.

History of Adams

Born on February 20th, 1902, raised in San Francisco, California.  Where he learned to play the piano and find his love to nature.  He was a hyperactive kid and learned how to have patients so when he did pick up a camera and started shooting he would have the waiting for a skill you needed for the cameras that he is using.  But before all this, he was a professional pianist.  He has written quite a few books and shows many tricks to create the work of arts he has done in nature, as well as how to use a camera.  He passed away on April 22nd, 1984.

This is just a short bio on him as there is more information on this site.

Works he has done

I love how all his black and white images look and would to create something like this I am looking at doing some amazing photography.  There is a lot that he doses to his images in post production.  I would love to have his patients for working with photos.  I all ways think of his work as one project and not as individual shots.  That is why I am not splitting up the photos.

My thought’s on Adams

This is a photography that I love to look at as these images are sharp and clear.  I also think the long exposures look great from time to time.  Also, love how the black and white contrasts are just amazing.  There is so much more to his work then point and click, Which is always great for people to do.

I hope you like this I know this is short but I do love his work.

Joe Gillbanks

P.S. I am dyslexic so sorry for the grammar and spelling.

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