I have always wanted a full suspension mountain bike.  I have been watching a lot of youtube videos where people are riding on long trips and trails.  which all look amazing fun and would be a great work out on top.  So what I have done is put my Cyclocross bike onto a turbo trainer so I can ride it when I like and work out all the time.  As for the mountain bike, I will be using it as much as possible.  I have added some photos of it before, during and after the first ride.  I have some places I would love to ride in mind but I have a few other goals in mind as well.

I love the idea that I will be riding through trees and shooting down mountains on this bike. which means I need to start getting fitter and that is where the spinner is helping.  I am sorting out my generally speed on a bike as well as getting stronger at the same time.  I am working through a spinner set where I am doing a mountain bike 10 weeks long work out.  This will hopefully make me a strong rider in generally.  This schedule I am doing says I should ride 4 times a week with few days off know and then but I am going for 5-6 days each week with each one with different levels of hardness as this will make me ride better and get me to my goals.  This is not going to be easy and will make the cycling more fun and better when I go up the mountains and down them.

I hope you like the new bike.  It is too mean amazing ride and I am looking forward to doing more rides on this bike.  I need to get confidence on it as the tires are a lot bigger then I am used too and the handlebars are the same.  I will be spending a few days over the next few weeks practicing skills that I do not have and get all my Basic skills.  This will get my confidence up and will make me a better rider.

I hope to have more news and ride soon.  I am not going to be doing the weekly round up still at the moment this may change as I get fitter and work harder at getting more confidence.


P.S. I am dyslexic so sorry for the grammar and spelling.

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