This was an easy 2 hours 30 minutes on the train as I was mainly sitting there looking out the window. I have got a book with me but it has been very nice weather out and just looking out the window was another for me. When I got to Liverpool itself there was a bit of hunting for the hotel. The weather is amazing and is about to go for a walk around and do some amazing places in this amazing city.

I did my walking around there was not really that much to see other than an amazing sunset and I love how it looks. I am hoping to shoot the other side at some point but will wait till it is darker as there will be some amazing lights to see.

The one bit where I was walking by the Albert Docks has nothing but looks thought out the chains on upper and lower Like the ones that I took a photo of, but the sky and sunset are just stunning and spectacular. I do love that color and how the clouds are the sun.  With some of these landscapes I will have a play when at home as I am going to turn them into HDR or at least look at them like that.

I do hope what I am about to go through and sort out over this holiday.


P.S. I am dyslexic so sorry for the grammar and spelling.

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