I know I am here for a few more days but I had been planning on doing photo shoots with models on them, but plans always change. So know the shot I had been hoping is moved to another day where I am doing two shots in a day. Which means I can know see more of Liverpool. The one thing that I forgot was a jump so that is the first thing I am doing this morning as well as looking at a few galleries and museums. Then I will be off to the Cosby Beach do some landscapes with the status.

I have done my morning walk around and have seen some amazing things there.  It did look like they were launching a boat this morning as you can see in the photos.  Also, there are some amazing looks of buildings with new and old.  I have gone over and thought the Liverpool museum and I did look into some amazing things there.  I have a shoot of the Mersey and I have seen loads of dogs all painted up in this area.  It does look like there is a storm that is on the horizon but on way other with blue sky and sun.  I just love how it looks with the high tide and the differnce in light.


I went to Cosby beach and saw the status and thought they really do look cool looking out to sea.  As they same like they are watching the boats come in as well as the tidy running away.  There are loads of people as well as dogs which kind of surprised me.  There is so much more than I first thought there would be.  Also, one of them was dressed up in woman’s clothes.  Which I thought was really cool, I did love how it looks and the way it was along the beach.  I would love to do a shot there one day.

These are some of the photos I have done there are more coming but that will be when I am back home.  As these are panoramic’s from the bech and I am not doing any of these till I have photoshop with me.

I do hope what I am about to go through and sort out over this holiday.


P.S. I am dyslexic so sorry for the grammar and spelling.

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