This was a model that I have spoke to about dong a video.  I have to know done two with the amazing model as the first one was a short near her home and then we saw the time and thought about doing another video.  In the second one that I did was about making a cup of tea.  The model is Renaissance She is an amazing model that lives up in Liverpool.

This is the link to the frist video.

The first video looks really cool and amazing as there feels like there is a short story there.  I am not sure of it is about lovers and not about anything else as you can see the looks as well as the smiles of love.

This is a link to the secound video.

This other video started out as me playing around with my editing software and it turned into this for us.  I have to say there are a few things I would change in both and I will do my best to do the changes for all the future shoots.

I do hope you enjoy looking at my work.


P.S. I am dyslexic so sorry for the grammar and spelling.

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