My thoughts on using cameras over phone cameras

So you are where I am not a fan of phone cameras and only use it when I need a camera and not carrying my DSLR. As most of the phones, these days are like Swiss army knives. They have loads of things it can do but not as well as something that is a true camera. I also think like that size of the sensor is not that great over the DSLR camera. If I was doing something that was important I would bring my DSRL and use my phone as a phone.

Here are some good and bad points for each so you can see my view into it:

DSLR Camera
  • Size of the sensor so you have more information on the camera
  • Changeable Batteries and Memory Cards
  • Changeable lenses
  • More control over the camera
  • Big size
  • Need a bag for it or strap if you are not shooting with the camera
  • Weight of the camera
  • Slower to put photos up on the internet

Phone Camera

  • Easy to carry
  • Big screen to see the photos
  • Lightweight
  • Quicker to post images up on the internet.
  • Apps you can use with it
  • Hard to change the batteries if you can
  • Some only have one battery
  • Harder to change Memory cards
  • Harder to hold
  • Can not change the lens

As I started to write the lists I just thought to myself that most phones these days are mainly selfish. As most phones have two cameras and you can see what you are shooting over a DSLR. Personal I hate Selfish as they take up room on paths mainly with the selfie stick. I am more for using my DSLR photography then using my phone as I have more control with my DSLR than on my phone.

I do think there is nothing wrong with using a phone but I would prefer to use a DSLR camera over a phone as I can hold the camera better than the phone which could fall out your hands with a gentle nudge.

Thanks for reading.


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