Eveningwear plus size model (Kaisa Suomalainen)

Right where should I start with this? I am someone that believes there should be different size models and not just one type as I see skinny figures as less of a role model and more of a problem for kids than plus size models. They are something to be admired more than the models that have to go on strict diets to kill themselves to do their job.  Which is a big thing to me?  If you want to be in shape and look good you should be able to eat, and exercise as much as you can; which is much better for your body than not eating just to get work.

Well with this rant over.  This was a shoot I did with an amazing model called Kaisa Henriikka. I have added a link to her other work on here.  We had great fun before the sun started to set.  As you can see in some of these photos I did get some lens flare’s in the photos.  I love how this looks in the photos and would love to do some more photos like this again.  So keep your eyes open.

These other ones have a bit of a Sin City (the movie) feel to the photos as we thought it would look amazing – which it does.

I love working with this model and am looking forward to working with her again and you might see her working on bigger projects than just on here.

I do hope you enjoy these photos.



  1. I appreciate your post – many “skinny” models portray an unrealistic view of how women should be. The average woman is size 14+, so it begs the question- who are these models selling to? Certainly not me. Love your photographs- the model is beautiful, love the scenery and play on color.

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