Contemporary dance video. (Humans)

Well, this was a video I did with some amazing people of which were two dances that have done a piece of magic called Humans.  The dancer’s names are Celia Francis and Tobias Peppersack.  There was an amazing MUA as well called Alia-Michelle Supron how did a stunning job on Celia.  I just wish I had done more close up shots of all the dancing as well as in different locations than just the one I chose.  and it could have added something to the piece then using the one area.


I did do some still shots of the shoot and have added them to here. So you can see them more closely.  I did have fun on the shoot just had a lot of things that I could have improved on.  Which is what has happened since as I have done more shoots and cannot wait to do some more fashion style as well as this type of thing in different styles and looks.


I do hope you enjoy this.


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