Weekly round up (03/07/2017 – 09/07/2017)

This week is about mixing my speed and duration of the cycle that I will be doing.  It is also a mix of weathers as well as views.

Monday Ride

I went out today just to get my legs moving.  I did stop a few times to have a chat as the dog walks went by with their pets.  I might one day get my own dog so I can have a trial dog as well as how they are.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 15.46.59.png

Tuesday Ride

It is a hot muggy day luckily I went out before it started to rain.  It was a good ride as I was in some amazing woods.  I love these woods I did ride hard and had some fun doing so.  I did stop a lot to let dogs and their owners go by.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 13.14.14.png


I went out for a shoot today early in the morning and did not have time riding today.  I have done 11000 + steps.  I love going for shots just it was quite a bit hotter than I would like.

Thursday Ride

Today has been very hot again I am chilling out but I did go for a ride and it was a good one.  I love how it felt other this morning as it was cooler at the begin.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 15.58.11.png

Friday Ride

I was a bit stupid and forgot to start my Garmin computer.  But I still had a good ride around the woods going hard and fast and just thought that know I am on 20 I will increase the number of push-ups, sit-up and crunches.  So from know on I will be adding 10 of each on Mondays and increasing till I hit 100 a day and will stay like that for a while and then start adding more in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 13.55.47.png

Saturday Ride

This was a good ride and I love how it went.  I am know going to start carrying my camera on my backpack as I will hopefully be doing some adevnture rides in the furture.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 11.05.09.png

Sunday Thought

This si a good week for my cycling and I have worked a few things out in my head.  I have planned some other ways on lossing weight and keeping myself fit.


 “A bad day on a mountain bike always beats a good day in the office.”

 Sacred Rides founder , Mike Brcic

I use to sail and we did have the same sort of quote as this means you learn more on a bad day then on a good day.

I hope you enjoyed this



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