Tips on | Model positioning and posing during the ​story and product shots. | Part 1

As this is coming from a photographer and not a model all I can say is I am someone that lets the shot flow along.  There are quite a few things that I have learned other the years. Which is something I would hope help yourself with due to reading this blog.  The thing is to keep the model relaxed and talking as long as there is some kind of connection you both are chilled out and relaxed it is amazing fun shot.

Within the Positioning area as a photography, you have mean things to ask yourself are:

  • Is there a story to what you are shooting?
  • Where in the frame is the model or subject?
  • What look are you going for?
  • What shape are you going for within the photo?
  • What sort of lighting you looking to push the story or products within the shot?
  • What needs to be done in post production?
  • Is there a message you are trying to portray in the image?

Within the next few months, I hope to answer all the questions which will help you and me to get a better understanding of fashion style shoots with a story.

Is there a story to what you are shooting?

Within photos they say there are 1,000 words can be said about it, and since I have big imagination I love thinking of my own story as well as seeing what would come out of it. There is a lot to say about some story without words which makes it hard to come across.  This is a thing that is mainly done for certain advertising, documentaries, and newspapers.

If this answer is yes, the other things on the list will help push the story as well as where you hope to see then you should be able to show an amazing story,  but on the other hand, if it is no then you need to work out what you are trying to push across on the photos or is it a straight fashion shoot or something else.

Personal I love taking photos and the whole are behind it.  I am going to start planning a shoot with a full story behind it soon, but I have been mainly doing shoots where there is just a theme like beauty or fashion.  As for where I would like to see my storytelling through photography.  I am also starting to do a video which is an easier way to tell a story.

Also, a little tip on when trying to get a story across is to name the photo as this will help push the story but if like me you would like them to make a story up just leave the photo unnamed.  In the next part, I will be talking about Where in the frame is the model or subject.”  As all the questions above will also help tell the story of the image, and photos.

I do hope this helps as I hope to have one of these come out other the next few weeks.  Mind you things do change all the time within photography and this goes for bloggers and I have to call myself an amateur with a lot of experience in this area and love.



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