Life before this.

Right well, I will start in talking about my life before I got into sailing and was told I took some great photos which lead me to where I am today.  This is a different look at life and how things have been.  I will start when I was in college sort of time.  As I thought I was not that creative even thought I would design things.

My first year of college was when I was 16 I got a job in a bowling alley and the mayhem that happened there would surprise you which is maybe a story for another time.  I started there as a Party Host which was looking after kids partys.  Which was not that fun for me as I have not been into kids.  I was also shown how to look after adult partys.  These were mainly company parties during the year and at Christmas they just got alot.  But after a while, they started using Alleycatz which would be 18+ as these would take drinks and orders to these parties.  I soon went on to Lane Marshalling. which was more or less looking after the lanes and customers which were long hours.  I did work there for 6 years and worked in all departments at one time or another.

The next job I got was in a storage warehouse.  Where I mainly got to move and learnt where the products are.  I did how ever go on holiday for a few weeks before I started working in Malaysia which I am hoping to do again as I have family out there.  I did go with my brother and we had a good holiday.  There was a lot of car travelling but we did see a whole lot as well.  I will be writing a blog about this sometime.  I did take a lot of photos on a simple camera as where I would take my DSLR.

When I was in a place called Pangkor I was standing on the beach and thought to my self this would be a great job so I started to look to become an active instructor.  I was mainly looking for something on water which leads me to go with UKSA (United Kingdom Sailing Academy).  Where I learnt how to sail and paddle (canyoning). I am not a paddler and I think they knew that after a while.  As I did not take part in the instructor class.  We went to Austria for some of the training and that was amazing fun but I did get some really bad sun burn.

It did only take a few days to heel as I could not walk at all.  I then was told while out there I took some great shots so when I came home after all that training I got a job as an instructor with PGL which was great fun I did that for 3 years where I worked in south France right on the med.  I love how it was there but I did start uni a few years later as I got into photography and taking photos.  I do still love watching sailing and would love to see Arimcars cup.  I do not sail anymore but I do love being next to the water.

This is some of me and how I have got to where I am now.


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