Tips on | Model positioning and posing during the ​story and product shots. | Part 2

If you have not read part one click the link here as there is information in there that can help you out.  As I was talking about the story within the photos or how to think about them.

Where in the frame is the model or subject?

One thing you need to ask before thinking about this area is a product, fashion or storytelling photo.  What I mean by seeing these are is that each is very different and they has different types of love that goes into them.  As In my eyes love is a big part of my photos.  As I am the one that deals in all areas of my own photos,  I do put love into them as this can be seen in the photos.


This is something that is used in lookbooks, e-commerce (Online shops) and catalogues.  As this is all about selling the item.  These can be anything from clothes, toys and all the stuff in between.


There are a few different types of this like:

  • Glamor
  • High Fashion
  • Magazines

All of these do a small amount of storyline to them but again these are mainly about the clothes and not the true story behind them.


In this sort of photo, there needs to be a story behind it or at least the story feel to it.  As I always think that these sort of shots should be in groups and normal are.  This sort of photography is also known as editorials.  These are also done for promoting the products more for magazines, the internet, and other outlets.

I am not sure how much you know about photography but one of the best things is to place the subject in the middle or the edge with using the third rule.  As you can use this to create an amazing narrative about the subject or it is there as the client is looking for space to put information in the free space.

Your personal need to think about what would look right for the shoot and use as well as keeping it on the 3rd lines help.  This is part is more about what sort of shot you are going for as there is more information thought out these parts that will help you think about your photos in different areas.  the next section is “What look are you going for?”.

I hope this will help you out as there is more in other blogs.


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