Malaysia 2006 trip

This was a trip I did with my brother.  It was years ago and I love how it went.  We went there on a holiday trip with our aunt and uncle that lived and taught out there.  this will be quite hard to explain as it was so mean years ago.  Even though I would love to go out there again.  We got one flight that was non-stop to KL (Kuala Lumpur).  It was a good flight and the first thing we did when we got there was around KL and up the twin towers, they have there which was amazing.

All these photos I better say know was taken with a simple point and shoot camera, nothing like I have now.  We saw how their traffic was and the heat was high but lucky we chose to go when it is the rainy season as for me I am not a hot weather person and love cooling wind and rain if I do get too hot.  Like I was saying we went up KL tower and walked across the bridge and saw an amazing view.  There was a junction next to the building, which looked crazy to me but after all, I am English and only see what we have in my country.  As there was scooter going by on either side of us.  this was an amazing city to see but I was happy we only saw it once.

My aunt and uncle lived an hour out of KL in a college flat where they lived with wild animals close by.  The students that lived on canvas have everything they need from the swimming pool to mosques.  This place has all the religions and it is amazing, as there are mosques, temples and churches all other the country and not just in one place.  We must have seen quite a few of them as it seemed that one was not the same as others.

We spent a day just chilling at their flat and then the next did a road trip all other Malaysia.  I will not be going into as much detail as I have as some of it is not on the top of my mind, as this was over 11years ago, but I will do my best.  Once we jumped in the car to the travel north towards Pangkor which is an island that is an hour journey.  when we got there the only mood of transport other than scooters was a pink taxi that went around this small island.  it was amazing as you could walk out into the beach and be in the water in no time.

It was this stunning place that was a really nice place to eat.  All I can mainly remember is the amazing beach looking at a small hill that had a forest on it.  We went other the hill and travelled to there on a small speed boat.  That took us there so there was coral reef there which we snorkelled on.  I do not have any photos or video of them as the camera was not water proof.  It was a nice and stunning place to be as I loved it.  We spent the day travelling around the island in the pink taxis.  it was amazing as we saw all the religious places on the island as well as a small version of the great wall in China.  We did not go all the way as we stopped a town away and walked back where I got some amazing shots.

After this, we travelled into the centre of the main land.  Where there are some amazing views and tea plantations.  As this is in the mountains where it is cool and relaxing.  We did go for tea at the biggest tea place in Malaysia.  After a few days there we moved to the east coast where we drove down it and stopped in a cheap motel of about £1 for the night then moved on to another one much further down which was amazing and really nice.

We saw the sunrise and as the hotel was on the beach which was amazing.  We then travelled into the jungle for a few days.  we stayed at a hotel that was being constructed and it was nice there.  We did a few night trips around the plans on a pickup truck where I was hanging off the edge and the other was I a walk in the forest.  then we did it during the day.  We also did a river run up and down some rapids which were great fun.

The day we left the jungle by the river which had some amazing views as we went down it.  This was when we were heading back to my aunts and uncles flat we stopped off at there the only casino.  I remember this as we were not allowed in due to our shorts.  This was also a nice cool place as there was loads of entertainment would have been fun to do just we were on a tight scandal to get back to their flat as our flight was the next day.

In total, I think we were there for 10 days including flights.  My brother and I had an amazing time and I know I would love to go back again.  There is so much I would love to do and shoot I would love to have spent a few more days there it is just work might have played a part of it.  This is what I remember of the trip also these are photos I took.

I hope you love what I have done.


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