Tips on | Model positioning and posing during the ​story and product shots. | Part 3

Well, this time it will be about locations looks and lighting as for the last part which you can get from here.  You can push the positioning and pose to work better with the right location can make the shoot look amazing and stunning.  All this can push the shoot along.

What look are you going for?

This again depends if you are shooting a story, product or fashion.  Within this, you can pick if you like to shoot location or studio.  The main thing is that you have to choose the right look for a story lines as well as the look and feel of the shoot.


With this, you have an unlimited amount of power and you have also got space for the backdrops as well as the general look of the background within the studio.  As long as the studio is big another you can shoot with different styles as well as different lighting setups.  if there is a massive window or natural light going into the studio you can work with that as well as working with flash.  You can also control everything going on in the photos.


As for where locations showing, there are 2 areas to think about outdoor or indoors.  The thing is thought why have I put it down as one thing?  Well, it is not the same working on location in some house or building that is designed for use of a different kind to working in a studio.  Location shooting can include hotel rooms, homes, offices or anywhere that is indoors and has cover.


Well, this is a bit hard to talk about as this can be like a studio and there are many places like hotels, houses and anywhere that is not a studio.  Within this, you can use all the same things as you have before as there is power all over the place if you can use it and you do not have to worry about the weather as much as you will not be outdoors.


This is the one thing that will always take the biggest gamble out of all as it can be down to the weather being clear and good to work with.  As personal I keep an eye on the weather 5 days before.  When on set I would use what I have brought with me which can be anything from reflectors to flashguns.  I do love using flash as you have more control over how it looks then using the sun but I have a way around it which is I would put the sun behind the subject and use either reflector or flashguns.

Here are a few places that I look at for the weather and since I am UK base I mainly use UK sites, but I think there is a few which will work for most countries.

  • Met Office
  • AccuWeather
  • BBC Weather

The Met Office is one of the best places to use as it covers a wind range of places in the UK and across the world.  As for where AccuWeather is a phone based weather reporter that can be wrong at times so you have to take it with a grain of salt.  I love using the BBC weather as it can be very accurate and tells you what is happening and normally gets it right.  As it does look like they do get their information from the MetOffice.

So this is the best advice I can give if you are setting up for a shoot.  It is always good to know what you would like to get out of the photos you are about to take and what to look out for.  In the next part, it is all about shapes with in the shoots.

Well, that looks like it is as I am over the word limit.


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