Tips on | Model positioning and posing during the ​story and product shots. | Part 4

I am not sure where to start here but if you click on the link here you can read part 3 from the least tips on.

What shape are you going for within the photo?

This is something you need to ask yourself as there needs to be some follow to the photos, but as normal that depends on what you are shooting and what for.  As one thing can be straight but not the rest.  As this can make it standout and make your eyes think. Which is where getting the shapes to feel right is a massive hand.


Within this, you still have different styles as you have got straight on for selling on websites to selling in magazines that are in different shapes and looks but lucky it is down to the client on what they want from that shoot.  Which makes the last section way more creative and can show off their brand more than if it was straight on.


This is more where you can have fun with the posing of the models as there are different types of models in fashion from normal to plus size, male and female.  These all can look different in shoots and the feels as these possess can give its own story.


In this, you have a few ideas of where you would love the model placed and posting so you can pass on your instruction to the model or models depending on what and where you are shooting.

Here is a list of the good and bad ideas for models to pose with as some really help the model and others do not.  This list does go across all areas and is not just about one or the other.  This is also my own view on the possess.

The good looks for models.

So these are things that I look for in the model posing.

  • Keep the model with 90-degree shapes within their body – What I mean is bend the arms and legs.  As this will create some shape on the photos better than the body.
  • A natural smile – what I mean is if you get the model to laugh then you will normally get a great smile
  • straight face – Is this where there is no smiling at all or any other type of mouth shape.
The Bad looks for models
  • Pouting – Right this is a pet hate and something does not look good in any shape or form.  When I think of Elmer Fudd saying “It’s duck hunting season.”  I know this sounds bad but I really hate possing.
  • Something that does not look great is sucking in your belly with both hands on it with the shoulders and elbows all pointing forward.  As there is just a look that does not feel or flow well within the image.
The midway point which can be good or bad.
  • Standing straight – this can look bad if this is not the look you are going for as these shows off the clothes really well.  But there is no real movement, within the photos when they are standing straight.
  • Long hair flick – this can be from water and movement or spin but you just have to make sure that it does not cover the face.

As you can see there is a lot of different styles and looks which can work or not work within your shots.  As long as you can think it can work I am sure it can, but sometimes it does not.

I hope this helps out and I will talk about the next part will be about, What sort of lighting you looking to push the story or products within the shot?

Thanks for reading


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