Miniature Bottles

Hey all

This will be a project that I plan on doing where I take shots of some amazing bottles that my Nan and Granddad brought on their world travels. I say it will be a project as there are a lot of them to shoot. The Plan is to shoot them on their own and in small groups of the type they are I will also be doing some research into them to find out when they were made and which country plus some information about the companies.

This is a big project and I plan on doing all the photography in one go and then split them up for more information on them. I do hope this will be a cross-section of some of the world miniatures.

I was going through the boxes where I have stored the miniature bottles and in the 2nd box, there are at least 84 bottles in there and in the 1st one there is even more.

What I have done with all the images are turned into a book. Which I have put a link here. It took some time to get the feel and look to all the images as well as some writing that gives some more context. There is also some of these up for sale on RedBubble, here is the link.

A little history about these amazing bottles

It is quite hard to find a history on this subject but I think I have found one. It all started in the 18th-century, as at the time beer and wine would not travel well and was easier to move testing’s around of water, bitters and sugar are so they can get a taste of what they can get if the order more. These are all in ceramic vessels.

This was until 1842 where a John Dewar Sr. started to use glass so wine and spirits can be used which changed the game. These new glass bottles did not really start selling till the Great Depression where people bought these as they were seen as samples. As their bigger brother had much higher taxes and so these little ones were not seen as the same. So finding them on trains, planes and Hotels is a more modern thing than this history.

I have to know been shooting and working on this project since Jan 2017 and know That I have reshoot all the bottles with different backgrounds they look cool as I have done group shots to single. I do have the sense which is all in black and white.

Pop Mini Bottles

I have done a pop feel to all the images and there is some amazing look to them. I do love how there is some amazing, art with just a hint of colour which to just tops it all off.

I have put them on Redbubble for sale, here is the link the. I have not got any of these in my book, but I can see these on walls of house and bars as metal prints.

I hope you enjoyed this section as I hope to do more projects like this in the future.

Joe Gillbanks

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