Tips on | Model positioning and posing during the ​story and product shots. | Part 6

In the part, before we looked at the types of lighting,  Click here if you like to read it and any other Tips on I have in this set.

What needs to be done in post production?

Well, this is the section I might get carried away as this my area work of most of all.  I fully know how to change photos to tell different storeys.  You can use most photo editing software just personal I know Photoshop really well.  I personally I like to start with RAW images as you can change quite a bit in there with out losing information.  As you can always go back to the original shoot.

One thing I would say this is an amazing thing to do.  I do sometimes layer the same image just a few different things being brighten sharpened and anything that would make the photo sing.

Once in your program of choice, you can cut out, move, brighten, change colour and much more.  As this can change the look as well as the camera not catching the feeling with colour or place of where things are shot.

As here you can put something that is shot in a studio on a location shot.  This can be done the other way where you put the subject on a clean background.  The only thing I have to say this does not look great and it can look a bit out.  So personally I do not like it, but if this is what the client would like it is not much you can do.

The other thing is cleaning the shot.  What I am mean is losing all information on the photo that can take your eye away from the final shoot.  As with product shots, this could be as simple as taking the dust off or sorting out anything that does not look right.  With models, this is more skin or adding bits to the shot.  It is for me a bit hard to explain so I will try and explain.  You could be adding clothing, taking clothing away and making things look a different size and shape to what has been shot.

I am trying to keep this short and sweet thought this section I will be looking at going into more details on how Photoshop can help you when retouching.  I would love to write more Tips on and there are lots to go through.  So I will be thinking of a few ideas that would work great and try and keep them short and informed.

I will be speaking about Is there a message you are trying to portray in the photo?.  I will be looking at this through out all the areas I have spoken of.  I do hope this helps as it has helped me out a lot.


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