New lens. (Canon macro 100mm)

Well, the reason why I bought a lens is the ones that I have are not good for my next project.  As I am looking at shooting Micro Machines and figures, as these are small I thought it would be best to buy a macro lens as this will give some amazing depth of field.  I have to say the one thing the amazed me was how portraits have come out.  I have done a few amazing protairts.

The biggest downside is the size of the Lens I have a 50mm lens that is 1/3rd the length.  There is another thing that has made me think this would not be great as I would be standing quite a big distance from the model, but my view is when shooting with models is close I am the easier it is to communicate.

Using the fucose ring is very easy and fast at getting it done manually as where if you are using Autofocus you might see what you are looking for but once you lose your subject you can not see a thing,  I have not had the lens long and keep forgetting that it is best used in manual mode.

I hope this helps as this is a great macro, close-up portraits lens and not a full-length lens.


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