Tips on | Model positioning and posing during the ​story and product shots. | Part 7

Before we start have you read the part before about shape within photos?  If not please click here to see what I have spoken about before.  This is all about storytelling and shooting.

Is there a message you are trying to portray in the photo?

Well, the only real story that I have tried to put across is the Alice in London shoot I did in uni.  This is where I tried to have big sections of the story put into a set of 10 photos.  I could not have done them all as not all the models turned up or the clothing did not fit.  I might one day try to reshoot all the photos but will look at different styles all the time.

What I have been learning from what I have been doing is looking for new spots to shoot that will make the photos flow.  Also, that storytelling like this is something that should be done.  the other project I did in uni that could be classed as a project is my market stall holders shoot as these are more about photos of normal working when and as they can workers.

This is where the mixture of what we have done so far can help out.  As the location you pick as well as the position and posing of the model will push the flow of the photo.  As there is one thing I have not spoke

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