Next book.

I am already starting to shoot my next book, I did come up with the idea while playing a game on Xbox which was Micro Mechanics.  Which is a game I have loved since I was a kid.  This is a great multiplayer game where you play as a car racing other cars around tracks that are based in real-world places, like kitchens, playroom, workshops and anywhere else you can think of in the house.  In the game, you race as a small cars, trucks and even tanks.  These models are highly detailed and amazing looking.

If you do look at the toy you can see how much detail each one of these amazing toys actually is on them.  These are very small but as a kid are they are amazing to play with.  What I have been working out is these will look and that is what I have been working on at the moment.  I have just bought a tent to shoot all the models and cars in on there own but I will be over the foreseeable future shooting them outdoors.  As this gives amazing size and details of the toys.  I do have more than just vehicles as I have got a load of figures.  I have 3 different types of Micro-Mechanics which are, Army, Vehicles and Star Wars.  The Army and Star Wars have a load of figures as well as vehicles.  I will be using my experiences to make some amazing shots for the planes, helicopters, boats and other things like that.

I do hope that I will be showing the work I will be doing this more then I have done for the Little Bottles book.  As this will be pushing the disbelief of the size that life can be.  This is something that I think looks amazing in books as you can see in the photos.


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