Working on a TF basis (What I have learnt in my years of shooting)

Well, first of all let us answer some quick question you might have as I know there are some people how to read my blog that does not know the teams that I talk about so I will add a quick list of things that I mean when I say TF, Tog and MUA.  I have other blogs that cover other areas like these.

TF – means Time Free.  But When I started it use to be called TFP which meant Time for Prints.  With myself, I also send a certain number of prints that are retouched as well as other ones that are not.  I have hard that other people on loads of outfits and sets will only let you have 3 in the shoot.  Which to me sounds really dumb and not that great towards the model.

Tog – This one sounds odd but it means Photography.  You do see these from time to time in casting calls.

MUA – This is simple, as it just means Makeup Artist.

You may see these in my writing from time to time but I will always tell you what it means at the start of the blogs.  The mean point of this blog is the way all the people working on the shoot needed to know what is going on all the time.  There are also some things that are followed by most people in this industry.  Which are these rules that I follow when it comes to these shoots?

Weather checking – I personal shoot outdoors all the time so checking the weather is something I do 3 days before the shoot and then check all the time.  I have said about this before.  Which are Met office and BBC weather?  I know people use other places but these are the ones that I trust and use all the time.

Cancelling/rescheduling shoots – For this, I hate it when it is cancelled or rescheduled on the day I know I have done it a few times but I am someone that hates it when I have to do it.  But what gets to me is that when they do not turn up or cancel the shoot when I am at the location waiting for the model or on the way to the location.  As this can be very unprofessional.  If you know you can not make the shoot or have an injury or for some other reason, you do need to tell the other person on the shoot ASAP and not when they are on the way.

I do hope this gets out to the right people to help them with there views and see where things are.


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