Types of cameras

There is alot of different cameras you can get.  This is the film, digital and instant photos.  each one of these will work in a different way, as they can look different to each other as well as the controller you can have on each one.  I do love cameras and working with different ones can be fun, but I have found that Digital is good fun just I would love to do more film just I would like to process the film myself.

Film cameras – are more old school cameras as these need to be loaded and only have a small amount of space from 1 – 36 photos pre-roll.

Plate Glass – is more used by artist’s as this is a one-off shot and takes time to make the image.

Digital cameras – Can be found in all sort of places these days.  These also have a high number of photos as these can be put on an SD (Secure Digital), CF (Compact Flash) or any other type of memory card that the camera takes.

Instant cameras – This one is a camera the prints or process the photos straight away.  So you can look at them and not have them saved anywhere so these are one-offs and not be able to recreate that photo again.

For the cameras, them selfs there is alot to them, as well as the crossovers and how they work as this can be very detailed.  This is only an overlook at the types of cameras and not an in-depth look at them,  as this would be a massive blog and I like to keep my blogs short and sweet.

Large format – This is one of the oldest design of camera around since the start of photography.  The main thing used for these are film, plate glass and instant. These are also big things to move around and can be hard to move depending on the size of the camera, as there are different sizes out there.  The main ones are 10×8 and 5×4.  These have below from where the lens is to the back of the camera where the photo will be shoot on.  I would say if you have one of these you should have a neg scanner as well, as you can sort it all out there so you do not have to have a dark room.


Medium format – This is one of the best things to shoot with as there is more space than the 35mm film and is a smaller and easier camera to hold in hand the large format.  This one shoots on digital, film and instant.  There are different looks to these which are TLR  (Twin-Lens reflex) and SLR (Single-lens reflex).  With the TLR the size of the photo is normal square as where SLR cameras depend on the camera and what make it is as you can get a small number of shots as these are big photos to alot of them in a smaller format.

SLR – This is the most used camera in the pro and amateur levels that are good prices.  There is two different sensor size for digital cameras one is a full 35mm sensor to 3/4 sensor which is normal in lower tears of price range cameras. Which puts the full ones in the top level of the camera range.  This is mainly a film and digital cameras.

Bridge – This is a mix of compact 0and SLR as there is no removable lens to shoot with, but you look through a viewfinder and have a bit more control over the camera.


Compact – This all depends on the type of camera as there is some removable lens on some and overs do not have this.  These are mainly looking through a screen at what you are shooting and not view a viewfinder.  These all fit in your pocket thanhaving around your neck for photos.


Disposable – These are just one off cheap cameras where you take them to processing places to sort out the film.  This is not a big one that is sold anymore as most people use digital than film.


Phone – If you have a smartphone you have a camera.  what else is there to say.

Samsung Galaxy S8 bk.jpg

Personal I love SLR and use that one the most I have alot of control and know how to use it the best.  It is also down to what you are looking for in your photos.  As the large format is a slower way of working and only getting one photo at a time.  Which is something that I love about it.  It is not just the detail you can get with the camera, but at the momet, it is mainly about my DSLR cameras.

I do hope this helps you in looking at different types of cameras and what they are like in my view.



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