Pop-art in Shoreditch​.

These are from a shoot I did weeks ago, as I have been working on the retouch of these photos ever since.  I have done quite a bit an of work together.  I have different styles in the photos below of the same image, as this will show how the images look before and after as I have changed the background to what I think looks good.  All the clothes where brought on the day form Urben Outfitters.  I am not being paid by them.

On this shoot, I worked with some amazing people.  I have but there links below if you like to go check their stuff out. Here are the amazing people that worked on the shoot as there are links to there Instagram as well.  The model was Jemie Munsey you can find @jamiemunsey.  The makeup artist was done by Zaynah Beauty you can find her work @zaynahbeauty.  The styling was done by Kaisa Heniika and this is her link @kaisasparkle.

I do love the look of the makeup as there is a comic book feel to it.  We as a group spoke about the look of the shoot before we were at the shoot I chose one of my favourite areas to shoot if it is going to rain.  Which it did at the start of the shoot.  but by the time the makeup was done the rain had stopped.  This is the overlook to the shoot we did.  I do love how the colours look and what is going on.

I hope you love the look of these images, as I do love it as well.




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