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This is an overall view of what I think of these actions as I work as a retoucher and work in my own way.  I will look at what works well within my way and who this would most benefit from working on your photos.  There are alot of different things that could work for you.  The actions are broken down into different sections which are split up very nicely.  Which makes you find what you are looking for in total there are 64 actions even though you are paying for 56.  The photos thought out this review are done by me.  The first is the before and then after.

There are 10 different areas of work within the action folder.  These are the following bits.  Below is a list of the section I will not get into how they all what is involved in all sections.  These are all in order,  I will not look at them as small sections it will be as a  whole.

  • All In One = 8
  • Base = 5
  • Expose = 2
  • Temperature = 2
  • Colour Correction = 8
  • Port Retouch = 7
  • Enhance Tones = 14
  • Vignette = 7
  • Light Glow = 8
  • From Candy Store = 5
  • Web File Preparation = 3 (These are just made for saving and getting ready to upload to the web)

I have looked at each one of these and there are a few things that I would say that would need to be changed.  I say this as I have written loads of actions and the longer the action the slow it will take to run through the system.  I did run some of these actions step by step which plays each part of the action slowly.  There was alot of time in the All In One section where the person who wrote it was hiding each layer and showing to see the effect which should not be there.  When they were picking the layer style they would go through all of them individually, which is not that great.

I can see this as actions for photographers that do not make alot of time to work on photos but have alot of retouching that needs to get done.  That being said as a retoucher one or two of these would be good to use as an action for photos, but most of these I can fix and work out on my own.  They do have props that do inform you and tell you what is going on with the action.

Personal I always work in layers and these actions are not great for this.  This can make retouching for me a bit of a pain.  I am trying to look at these actions, not as a retoucher but as a photographer, these can help out mainly for a new photoshopper.  I do love retouching my way but some of these actions can be done more easily when you work in photoshop.  I thought I would say some good and bad points to these retouching.  As there are some good things that are good.

Good points

  • Easy to use actions
  • Good for new for photographers to work with.
  • Spilt up in their sections for easy to see and use.
  • The layout is good and easy to find what you are looking for.

Bad points

  • Some of the actions take a while to run.
  • Some of these actions need to be cut down
  • You can not work in layers for on some of them

Here are links to the website.

I have only been working with these actions for a few hours and my thoughts are for me personally that these are not actions for me as there I write my own as and when I need them.  These are for more amateur retouchers then advance people like myself.  I think the price is also a little too steep, as these actions can be written better.   I do think there is a place for these photos but for me, there is no place in my workflow.  If you do any retouching and need to get it done fast I can say using these are a good idea.

Thanks for reading.


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