Reviewing my year

How to start this blog is something I have not quite worked out yet.  As there are many things that I need to ask myself as there is alot of things I could have changed.  I see writing this blog as a positive thing which will be here to answer the things I was hoping to do and have done thought out 2017.  I will be looking at myself and seeing how I can improve myself, as this is to help me as well as showing you my readers that life is what you make of it and not what you have in front.

This next is what I was aiming to do this year.  That here is the link to that blog.  I will make this bit short and easier to read.

  1. More shots
  2. Ride more places
  3. Out of comfort zone
  4. Small studio projects
  5. Growing my blog
  6. Finding a studio

This is a hard one to do like all reviewing that I do.  As it truly brakes down what I have done in 2017.  As everyone should look within and see if they like who they are and where they are heading.

  1. More shots – I know I did not shoot for a whole month from time to time but I am going to try and go for shoots even if they are as simple as doing landscapes.  As models are not always free to shoot with.
  2. Ride more places – I should have looked into this more but my shyness took over and that is something I am trying to improve on.  As I think I need more confidence and get use to riding in hard and different places.
  3. Out of comfort zone – It is all said in the one above section.
  4. Small Studio Projects – I have done two small studio projects in the form of the Little Decorative Eggs and Miniature Bottles.  Which I think I was good projects to do in a small space.
  5. Growing my blog – I have had a really good month of views on my blog but I need to keep that up all the time.  So it is not just a one-off.
  6. Finding a studio – I think this is more a wish then going to happen.  Other than my small studio that I use at home.

As I see things there is more than I can do and improve on but the way I think this is only a good thing.  It does help to see what you have done and try and change it for the better no matter how busy you are.

I do hope that your 2017 was good as I can only say I did not do as much as I was hoping to do this year.


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