Happy New Year (My goals for this year)

Happy New Year’s too one and all.

This blog is not resolution blog at all as I am going to say what I plan on getting out this year as there is more I could look at within.  There will be a few things that will be pushing myself more for this year as I hope to plan more things that I had done in 2017 and in 2018.    If you like to see how well I did at least year click here.

  1. More model shots – I am hoping to do more model shoots as well as videos.  Which I love to do.
  2. Weekly landscape shots – I hope to go out at least once a week to do some landscape photography.  This will be in different parks thought out London and Kent mainly.  But I do hope I will be able to do some cityscapes as well.
  3. Look at doing another book – I will be looking at doing another book for all to see and buy I am not sure what sort yet.  I will be working on the micro machines book but that will be a few years in the making and not be done in a year.  I will do some blogs every now and then that will be talking about where I am in the shot.
  4. Cycling diaries – I will be looking at riding 6 days a week even if I am shooting I will go later or early depending what time the shoot is.  I will also hope to start riding 10 miles a day.
  5. Photography competitions – I hope to send some of my work off to comps and see how well I do as this will start to push my photography to get better.
  6. Traveling – I do hope I will be able to do some more travelling like I did to Liverpool.
  7. Longer bike rides – I am hoping to do see some more parts of Kent and places on my bike.
  8. More Blogs each week – I am looking at doing a few more blogs each month, as this should push my writing more.  These might be anything from landscape’s to just day to day life.

These are my main goals for this year, that I hope to get done right this year.  I do hope that where I do in 2018.  I will hope to improve who I am in with my photography and cycling.

I hope you all will have a good 2018 as I am planning on doing for this year.



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