Micro Machines​ | Studio and so far

This blog is about my new project which is about Micro Machines.  I have started to shoot them in a small studio style set up.  I have tried a few different things to get the right look for the studio and I think I have the right look for this project as doing it this way I can get the same look no matter what I am shooting.  I have put them as black and white as I do not what to spoil the final shoots until I am ready for them to be seen.

A few of the ones below are from just are using constant lights but at different speeds of shutter closing.  This is from fast to slow.  I have chosen the way I am working as I can get the most out of the toys.  As the focused are is very small so I have been playing around to get it so I can have the best of both worlds.

I have also done some with flash like the ones below.  I did start out with the flashes outside and behind the camera but thought about it a bit more and then put them inside the camera boxes which looks like above but I can shoot quicker then if I am waiting for a long time like above.

Also when I moved them on the inside I go an even light across the background.  which gives it a bit more of a kick.


This is where I have been doing so far and love how things look so far.  There is more to these amazing toys than just cars.

I do hope you like these as I have had fun making what I have done so far.


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