The frist few week of landscapes

Normal me and I like to have to do some fun things in templates.  The biggest one thing is coming up with the name for this blog, so it might be changing the name thought out the months.

2017-12-28(DasonPark-304) copy

Dason Park (2017-12-28)

These were done before 2018 but I think it is a good start as it will only just get better.  I do love how these shoots look and some of these will be put on sale.

Greenwich park (2018-01-03)

I did go for a shoot in Greenwich park and there was a simple mistake which was that I left at home.  So I just walked around the park to do some location finding, So I used my phone instead.  It was a pain in the bum, but I did see some cool spots to shoot.  So the photos below are from my phone.

Greenwich Park (2018-01-05)

I did get up at 5:30am this morning to try and get a sunrise of over london but I think I will be needing to get some where else and when it is less raining.  There are still some amazing photos that I have taken.  I should have stayed longer as there was ,loads of clouds but know as I write this there is not as much but they look amazing.

I hope you like these as I will be shooting more and more over this year.


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